One week down...

With a little more than one week under our belts, I was wondering how it was going with everyone? I'm behind where I wanted to be (which would be 20,000), but at 16,788 words right now am only a few hundred words behind the 1700 wpd goal. If you got the weekly "pep talk" from NaNoWriMo, you've already read that week two is the toughest. I'm tending to agree. Somehow, I have the feeling that if I can pull through to the weekend, I'll be in pretty good shape. I hope the rest of you are hanging in well!
Eyeballin' you!

Behind the wire here..

Ok, anyone wanna give me a quick down and dirty of what I'm doing? I can write fast and there's no end to what I can write, what do I need to do from there?

Have already read the "start on 01 Nov and finish by 30 Nov.... 175 pages... 50,000 words, etc."

If you want, send me an e-mail at sisterblonde@yahoo.com if it's a waste to type it here!

Thanks in advance!
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Word Count: 10,511

In response to stevenberkowitz's prod, here's an update on my word count. I set an aggressive goal for myself of 2000 words per day instead of the 1700 that would barely suffice for finishing in 30 days. So far, I'm ahead of schedule. After last night's writing, I'm sitting on 10,511 words -- 20% down -- which puts me a full day ahead of my aggressive schedule. Most of my words don't go well together, but at least the story still makes sense.

Details of my struggle are being chronicled in drmellow_novel, along with the complete text of my in-progress novel. I also keep my word count mostly current on my NaNoWriMo profile page.

stevenberkowitz, I hope you consider joining the insanity next year....
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By way of introduction, I would like to mention that I am obviously insane for signing up to do this, so if anyone would like to try to talk me out of it...

That said, I use Fiction Press as an online writing portfolio (each of your pages has a "© Copyright 2003 [Username]" notice, so I would assume that you retain first rights and all is cool). Would it be awful of me to write my novel in a journal format? Not as myself, of course--as a fictional character. The name of this group gave me the idea, actually.
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