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1700 Words Per Day

Or: We're Not Scared of the NaNoWriMo

1700 Words Per Day: NaNoWriMo Doesn't Scare Us!
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Yet another community for the thrilling NaNoWriMo undertaking to create our very own heartbreaking works of we staggering geniuses - or something - of at least 50,000 in only 30 days!

This community is for the mutual edification, plot detangleification, eventual verification and validation of the efforts of all those who participate. Essentially, it's a place where you can expect to hear us whine, complain and exult alternately, though not necessarily in that order.

A brilliant cohort (and second in command of our cheerleading squad) pointed out that it really breaks down to about 1700 words/day -hence the fabulous name. That's the length of a decent essay - or three pages of crappy fiction. Whichever.